Common & Civil Law Public Notaries in London England since 1975. Solicitors & Multinational Lawyers.
Our basic charge is
£40 for a single attestation to a document and £15 for each additional signature in the same transaction. Certification of identity or income costs a little more.
A notary’s charges are based on time spent - with the client and behind the scenes in administration and regulatory compliance - which may be adjusted for complexity, importance or urgency where appropriate.
Based on extended practice as multinational notaries, solicitors and foreign lawyers, we can generally simplify transactions for efficiency and lower cost. Our qualifications and experience often enable us to offer practical solutions to potentially complicated issues for corporate and private clients.
An alternative fee can be negotiated, usually at an hourly rate of £180 for the notary’s or legal services, including advice, drafting and translation, and about £60 for administrative staff.

Legalisation - Apostille

For some countries, documents have to be ‘legalised’ (i.e. confirming that we are English notaries) by the UK’s Foreign Office (FCO) based in Milton Keynes, and sometimes a foreign consulate. Except for the FCO premium service in central London, it is not necessary for our office to deal with this.
If you do instruct us, in addition to the FCO/consular fees, we normally make a single handling charge of £24, whether there are one or more documents in the same matter. For the relatively rarer visits to the premium FCO facility in London or consulate, depending on the number of visits needed and time spent, between £20 and £80. We will tell you about the charges before you instruct us to do this.
By long-standing concession, we do not charge tax for individuals and charities unable to recover vat, and for some services to overseas clients; otherwise value added tax is charged.
Notaries in attendance: Hans J Hartwig LL.B, CTA, Janet Aspden LL.B, Manfred P. Kuhn LL.M, Elisabeth C.L. Barnes